Coordinating Committee

Members of the Coordinating Committee take care of 100+ Women Who Care Mid-Island day-to-day operations. Each member has a different role and together they work to:

  • Process membership forms and prepare to receive new members; 
  • Vet nominated charities; 
  • Find sponsors to help cover the cost of incidentals (since 100% of money donated by members goes to charities); 
  • Book meeting space; 
  • Promote the group to get new members;
  • Gather members cheques and present them to the charities that are chosen;
  • Communicate with members via our website, Facebook group, emails and phone calls and
  • Keep things moving forward.

Our Coordinating Committee members are all busy with work, families and other commitments and they are unable to track members down who can't attend meetings. They greatly appreciate when you keep them informed and honour your donation commitments.

Roles and Responsibilities

Nahanni Ackroyd, Logistics and Meeting Coordinator

Donna Houssin, Meeting Coordinator

Jacquie Stone, New Membership Coordinator/Social Media Communications

Connie Thornton, Nominations Coordinator

Shannon Boggis, Donations Coordinator