Each member of 100+ Women Who Care Mid-Island can nominate a registered charity to be considered for one of our quarterly donations of $10,000 or more. At quarterly meetings, Registered Charity Nomination Forms are placed in a basket and three forms are drawn. Members whose forms are drawn (or members' designates) make a five-minute presentation about the charity they nominated.
After the presentations, members vote by secret ballot for one of the three nominated charities. The charity with the most votes receives the donation, and all members write a $100 cheque to the chosen charity. If a tie occurs, the two tied charities are entered into a second secret ballot vote.

Each member's Registered Charity Nomination Form remains in the draw basket until the form is drawn, the member leaves the group, or the member changes the charity they nominated.

After a charity has won the draw, it will be three years before that charity is eligible to be nominated again.

When a member's nominated charity receives a donation, the member can nominate another charity by filling out the Registered Charity Nomination Form.

What Charities are Eligible?

To be considered for a 100+ Women Who Care Mid-Island donation, charities must be registered, and located in Ladysmith, Nanaimo, Lantzville, a community in between, or on Gabriola Island.

If you’re not sure that your charity is registered, you can find out by calling them, or going to Canada Revenue Agency Charity Listings and doing a search.

National and International registered charities can be nominated, if they have an office within the area 100+ Women Who Care Mid-Island serves, and as long as the money that the registered charity receives will be used in the area.
After your Registered Charity Nomination Form is submitted, it can take up to three weeks for the Nominations Coordinator to confirm your nomination. This process includes contacting the charity, which can often take time as charity contacts are usually very busy and often out of the office.

Please ensure your Registered Charity Nomination Form is submitted at least three weeks before the next meeting in order for your chosen charity to be considered for a donation. 

Can I Change the Charity I Nominated?

For a variety of reasons, sometimes 100+ Women Who Care Mid-Island members want to change their nominated charity. If you would like to make a change, please send an email, indicating why you would like to make a change, to our Nominations Coordinator.

Do I Have to Give a Presentation?

We understand some members may be uncomfortable with public speaking or making presentations. If that’s you, there are other options: you can get another member to do your presentation for you, or one of our Coordinating Committee members can read your presentation.  If you do not want to present, you can indicate this on your Registered Charity Nomination Form.